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AdipoGen Life Sciences, Inc. (AdipoGen) consists of two companies, Adipogen SA (Switzerland) (and its branch office Adipogen AG) and Adipogen Corporation (San Diego, USA). The Corporate headquarters is in San Diego, USA and the Operational headquarters is in Liestal, Switzerland. A motivated team of highly-skilled individuals develops and manufactures new products for the Life Science Research Market in the areas of obesity & diabetes, inflammatory diseases, innate immunity, immunology, immuno-oncology, cancer, stem cell biology and neurodegeneration supporting Immunometabolism & Advanced Inflammation Research. In addition to the antibody (special focus functional antibodies) and protein facilities, AdipoGen owns chemical laboratories, enabling the company to isolate unique natural products and to develop new and innovative small molecules and rare antibiotics. Since 2015 AdipoGen operates under the brand “AdipoGen Life Sciences” internationally. In addition to research reagents, AdipoGen is newly developing products for licensing in new market segments (clinical diagnostics/therapeutics).